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Oxbridge Primary Research is the world's first company dedicated to all levels of academic research

Primary Research, Academic Research
Data Analysis, Academic Presentation
Data Collection

Full Academic Research

Oxbridge Primary Research offers an unparalleled level of support for your academic research, whether you need a full model thesis or dissertation, we can provide data collection, data analysis and academic presentation, complete with comprehensive original primary research.

Pre Research

We are pleased to offer all pre research written services for your academic research, including original title creation, writing of primary research proposals, formulation of hypothesis and revision of your existing hypothesis, writing of competent literature reviews, project management reports, Gantt charts and methodologies.

Primary Data Collection

We can carry out a range of primary data collection of both numerical and non numerical data for your academic research through a diverse variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, including lab work, field work, questionnaires and surveys, ethnographies, focus groups, interviews and participant observations.

Questionnaires & Interviews

Questionnaires and Interviews are the most popular means of primary data collection within a wide range of subject for all levels of students, seen as comprehensive and inexpensive means of gathering large amounts of both quantitative and qualitative primary data for your academic research.

Primary Data Analysis

Oxbridge Primary Research can help you with data analysis and academic presentation of all types of primary data, including quantitative statistical analysis, sensitivity studies, graphs, tables, diagrams and maps, thus our researchers are able to provide you with an invaluable model for your academic research.